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Default Plasma/LCD Question

I have just purchased an APC S15BLK power conditioner for my AV components and I have a question about which of two labeled outlets to plug my Pioneer 1080p Plasma into. The video filtered "TV" or the digital filtered "Monitor" receptical? My confusion comes from the fact that HDTV's are stated to be a digital TV, where as standard TV's are analog. I'm thinking the Digital "Monitor" is the way to go, but I'm interested what you folks think about this.

The back of the APC S15BLK has 12 outlets, which are separated into 4 outlet classifications:
6-Digital Outlets: CD, DVD, DVR, CAT/SAT, Monitor, AUX (Digital Filter)
2-Video outlets: TV, VCR (Video Filter)
2-Analog Outlets: Tuner, Pre-amp (Analog Filter)
2 High Current Outlets: Sub woofer, Amplifier (High Current Filter)

Here's a link to a picture of the back/front panel.
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