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Smile Re: This top 100 band list is BOGUS - RUSH lower than STP?

Originally Posted by eltabor View Post
6 wives of henry the 8th, brain salad surgery, pictures at an exhibition, tarkus, in search of the lost chord and to our children's children,s children are all wonderful works of art. Particular albums by king crimson, steve hiliage, chick corea, al dimeola and jean luc ponty who incidentally came from the mothers of invention are all in the same feel.
Well, someone truly listens to some real music. Return To Forever, Stanley Clarke, Al Dimeola, David Sancious, Wendell Irvine, George Duke(before the Duke/Clarke project) are all people I love. Now Jean - Luc Ponty, has got to be one of the baddest musicians out there. I never thought, he got the acclaim he should have. But, that is always true, for jazz artists anyway. Unless they have crossover success like George Benson, when he started doing more singing, and less playing.
And eltabor, why is there a limited amount of high rez dvd-a, sacds with artists like this!!
Thats, what I want to know. This is music to preserve and cherish. I saw Jean, live some years ago, down at the Pier in the summer here in New York. Superb. Dr. AIX should re-consider.
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