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Default Re: Will lying get Hillary to the White House???

Originally Posted by kennyt View Post
OK, Hillary has done it AGAIN!!!

How about the so called Stump speech???

Sure Hillary, a pregnant woman and her baby died because a hospital refused them treatment?? Well, it's a lie as well. I am an anesthesiologist, and can say even when working for private, for profit hospitals, anyone in this situation will/would be cared for regardless of their insurance. Bums from the street walk in with life threatening illnesses and they get care. This goes to the basic credo of the ER, worst first.

I am appalled at the BS Hillary is saying to get her into the White House. Maybe she feels like less the man of the relationship knowing Bill made $47M speaking.....

I can't stand this woman and thing she's doing a great job of discrediting herself and hopefully she'll disappear soon!
Don't get bent out of shape my friend, the only way she'll become president is when McCain and Obama crash on the same flight and then maybe!
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