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Default Re: OPPO DV-983H player

Originally Posted by wes View Post
I got an email from Oppo and they said it will be an other 9 months before a Blu Ray player sees the light from Oppo.
Thanks for the post. I already figured as much.
Although the 983 is very tempting (its video processing capabilities are equal to video processors costing several thousand dollars), I decided to wait for a BD player which also plays SD DVDs well. So far, they have all been quite disappointing. The Samsung BD-P1200 has been the only BD player any good at playing SD DVDs at all; but otherwise, it was not a very impressive machine.
I can't stand the excessively long load times of most current BD players, as well as tedious delays when advancing thru titles, etc. I certainly agree with your list of features. Not every useful feature has to be high-tech. A handy button on the remote, for example, to instantly by-pass all warnings, trailers and annoying ads is a great feature. I suspect they are constrained by licensing agreements on some things, such as upconverting component outputs, etc.
Whatever the exact characteristics, I am sure it will be a very good player, and well worth the wait. OPPO digital truly does put the other manufacurers to shame.
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