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Default Re: Blu-ray Resolution

Originally Posted by rex View Post
Although there are now many 120 Hz LCD displays coming out. None are capable of 5:5 pull down (24x5) which is truely unfortunate, since 120 is the magic number evenly divisible by both 24 and 60. (If I am wrong about this, someone please post.)
Since my earlier post, I have been informed that the Sony XBR4/5 series LCD's do in fact do a 5:5 pulldown. Most other 120Hz displays do the usual 3:2 pulldown (as described above) then double to get 120Hz. Unfortunately, these Sonys convert everything, even TV video encoded at 60Hz to 24p, which can introduce artifacts, etc. Sony has traded one problem for another; but they made a good choice, since by far most media are encoded in 24p. Hopefully, there will soon be displays capable of 5:5 pulldown for 24p sources and also 2:2 or 4:4 pulldown for video sources, like TV programming, etc.
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