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Default Re: I find it funny...

It did get awfully heated there for a while didn't it!

Did you notice how many "Members" vanished after Toshiba called it quits?
Most all of the most hardcore fanboys were here for no other reason but to put down the other side, flame bait & troll, I for one am glad they are gone!!

I was so disgusted by these posters that I quit posting for a while until the main antagonist announce he was leaving & it also caused me to turn down an offer from Jerry to become more involved in this forum.

I never noticed any "bias" among the mods/reviewers on this site, they may have preferred one format over another but I never saw it affect their ability to discuss either format fairly.
The "Format war" didn't do anyone any good, I'm glad it's over!

The debate between Blu-Ray & HD Downloads seems to be a lot more civil than the hd-dvd vs Blu-Ray war was!
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