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Default Re: Deciding whether to go w/ Plasma or LCD?

Originally Posted by cujo8 View Post
Well on Saturday I picked up a Pioneer Elite 50" 1080p plasma HDTV (PRO-110FD) and a Sony BDP-S2000ES Blu-ray player. I got a couple of Tributaries Series 7 HDMI cables to hook up the Blu-ray and my Direct TV DVR to the Pioneer HDTV. Since my B&K Ref 50 preamp does not support HDMI or some of the new sound formats that the Sony Blu-ray player provides, I hooked up the Blu-ray sound to my pre-amp using the six analog outputs instead of the digital outputs. I was told by the sales person that I would be able to enjoy these new sound formats by hooking it up in this fashion, since the Sony player will decode them and send them on to my pre-amp. Besides the fact that it takes 6-interconnects to hook-up the sound in this way, does this affect the sound quality in a negative way? On my old DVD player I was using an AQ Optilink-3 toslink cable and I was quite happy with that set up.
I'm still getting use to this new setup, but I am truely loving the awsome picture from the Pioneer Elite 1080p plasma.
You hooked up the Blu Ray properly with the 6 cables. When I get my Blu Ray player I will be doing the same hook-up to my processor.
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