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Default Re: Chime in on my debate with AIX Records


Personally,I believe that your "position" has always been clear, and that your integrity has never been in question.

The only comment that I would footnote further, is this one:

Originally Posted by Dr. AIX View Post
Older analog can certainly benefit from HD Audio but DSOTM would be a completely new experience if Pink Floyd had access to the kind of equipment available today...if they choose to take advantage of the increased dynamic range and frequency response.
At the risk of repeating myself... waiting for Pink Floyd to re-assemble in the studio, will most likely continue to be a waste of time.

However, I have been fortunate to listen to the DSOTM masters (and several other legendary recordings) on the finest studio gear, and they sound warmer and more spatial than the SACD and DVD-A consumer discs.

And I stand by my marketing prediction that several "classic" artists could once again sell millions of copies of their best masters, by meticulously producing the best-possible HD re-mastered consumer versions of these titles... with experts like yourself, monitoring every step of the way, to ensure absolute sonic integrity.

I passionately see it as "art restoration"... similar to how incredible Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel ceiling looks, now that the technical wizards have carefully removed the built-up sludge that was clouding the incredible details of this masterpiece.

Maybe it's just my Italian roots.


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