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Default Re:, and Sold to Internet Brands

Originally Posted by JerryDelColliano View Post
Spoken like someone who hasn't read my prenup.

My balls are still watermellon-like....


From Glen Gary Glennross "what it take to sell real estate (or web ads for that matter) BRASS BALLS!!!!"
Put them on Ebay before they get too soft.

Prenup? My wife and I met 40 years ago when I was in dental school and I had nothing but my intellect and good looks.
Now that were comfortable (I retired dec. 31 1991 when I was 49) my wife completely runs the show. She was the office manager when I practiced and she still pays the bills and runs the roost. I like it this way because it's like being on perpetual summer vacation being taken care of by my mother, I mean my wife!
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