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Default Oppo players are not region free.

Originally Posted by xsavoie View Post
Did I misunderstand OPPO'S ad when they say that their present DVD players can play all regions and PAL format DVD'S as well,and making them compatible with regular NTSC televisions.I know my computer's internal DVD drive can do just that,although with limited quality.Well,it does say PAL on the DVD set that was made in Europe.Can't play it on my regular DVD player.
Although the OPPO players support PAL, they are not region free. They can, however, be made region free with a simple hack:
1. Press Setup.
2. Press "9210" in quick succession. A new window should appear.
3. Press "0" to set the Region to R0.
4. Press Setup to exit.
The player is now region free.

There is also a firmware modification which removes the CSS encryption and HDCP compliance from some players. This allows them to play upconverted, CSS encrypted content over component output, and allows you to play on non HDCP compliant displays such as PC monitors.
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