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Default Re: Will lying get Hillary to the White House???

First off McCain is a LOT better than Bush who is assured of going down as the worst US president ever (economy, wasting a budget surplus, no WMDs, never catching Osama, lining the pockets of the oil companies, right wing court appointments etc...)

What I don't like about McCain is his support of the war. If we should be ANYWHERE it should be in Pakastan/Afganistan kicking Taliban ass and roasting Osama on a spit.

Ask someone like my mother who teaches in the Philly public school system what $4,000,000,000 per week would do for rebuilding our schools. Ask Kenny T what it is like working at a VA hospital treating our vets (a temp gig for him).

Under Bill Clinton we had the longest boom economy in US history but I was too old to get rich from it. Under W, I have not gotten the same advantages that people did in the late 1990s (although the lower capital gains helped save me a pretty penny when I sold the company). Hillary can bring the same people back for the most part and return to a level of respect that keeps the dollar high, oil prices lower and the US economy from becoming a joke.
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