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Default Re: Blue Collar Home Theater, TV Help

i can tell you i have looked at everything on the planet and have come to the conclusion the only hd sets i would consider purchashing are (were) sony 70" SXRD and fujitsu plasma vision...

when i started looking 2 years ago the fujitsu screens were 10,000.00

i was very fortunate in being able to find a new/demo sony 70 sxrd (i had a 62 in set and could not go down in size) that had dropped in prict to the point hwere i could afford things...

in going into sams club, best buy - any where - all the screens look 'good' - i would really not be looking fwd to having to make this decision all over again...

there are 2 sxrd's in your atlantas craigs list - one touted as 'new'

i would check them out...
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