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Default Re:, and Sold to Internet Brands

On behalf of Internet Brands, I just wanted to say that weíre happy to have join the Travel and Leisure group here at IB.

Weíre committed to keeping the same great site itís always been while leveraging some of our strengths Ė powerful servers and broad experience in site administration Ė to keep it growing.

Iíve listed some FAQs concerning the acquisition below.

Please consider me a contact to Internet Brands.
Glad to be here!


Q: Why did Internet Brands buy
A: Internet Brandsí mission is to help consumers plan important purchases and discuss areas of interest to them. AVRev.comís users offer outstanding advice and support for people involved with audio-visual electronics products of all kinds.

Q: Will become part of another Internet Brand site?
A: No, Internet Brands plans to keep it a separate, thriving site operating as it does today.

Q: What changes can we expect to see on
A: For the most part, the site will remain essentially unchanged. If it ainít broke, donít fix it. The main change in the coming months will be that Internet Brands migrating the site to more powerful computers. Beyond that, Internet Brands plans to brainstorm with the moderators of about improvements that would make the site even better.

Q: Will my log-in or password change?
A: No you will still access as you always have.
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