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Default Re: New high-end Denon processors

Originally Posted by kennyt View Post

Actually, the differences on paper are pretty minor, the Integra uses the Reon chip for video, but has 6:2 HDMI switching and I think it can use HDMI for two independent zones (at least they were saying that at CEDIA) it also has 12 channels balanced and single ended, not sure if it is fully balanced throughout or not.

The other HUGE similarity is they both look like receivers, which I am not really fond of. Seeing how I run separates, I don''t really like the idea of a receiver in my rack, but that is personal taste, YMMV.
I agree that the unit does look like a receiver rather than a preamp, and I also would have loved a totally different design. But I'm sure if Denon had opted to radically change the whole look of the unit with a cool sculpted faceplate and different chassis, I guarantee the price would have been way more than $7,000. I think what helped to keep the price lower than other high end brands, is that they opted to stay with the same chassis and face plate of the AVR-5308. I'm sure by doing this it helped to keep production costs down, which in turn makes the AVP-A1HDCI more attainable for people looking for a high end preamp with everything and don't want/can't spend $30k for the Krell 707 Evolution. I mean looking at it that way the Denon is a bargain.

I was just checking out the back panels of both preamps and see that the Integra has 4 HDMI ins 2 outs, the Denon has 6 HDMI ins 2 outs. The integra has 2 optical ins,one optical out, the Denon has 4 optical ins, 4 optical outs. Also the Integra has 9 XLR pre-outs(8 speaker channels, 1 sub), while the Denon has 12 XLR pre-outs (9 speaker channels, 3 subs).

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