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Default Blue Collar Home Theater, TV Help

Ok, this is my first post on this forum so be patient with me. I have finally convinced the wife that we need to get a larger television. I now have a 32” JVC CRT that has worked flawlessly for over 5 years, but it is now time to turn my living room into a “blue collar” home theater. I realize I will not get the ideal sound because of an open floorplan that combines my living room with the kitchen. I also know that having eight 6’ windows and French doors that I can pretty much rule out a plasma. So having said all that here is my situation. As I mentioned before this will be a “blue collar” home theater, meaning that it has taken me some time to save money for what I do have now and I am having to save for the new television that I want to purchase. Here is a rundown of what I currently have.
Onkyo HT-R550
this is a Home Theater in a box receiver.
Bose 301 Series V for front speakers
Bose 161 for the side and rear speakers
Bose VCS-10 Center Channel
SoundWorks 10” Sub
LG DN798 DVD that up-scales to 1080p
TiVo Series 2
Comast Cable

Again, having said all that, I have narrowed by selection down to either a LCD or RPTV my budget is around $1800-$2300 and the target purchase date is around Christmas because of all the sales that come out. I live in the north Atlanta area so the competition is awesome here. To keep this short(er) here are the contenders: I will be sitting about 13’ from the TV.
SONY KDL-52W3000


If anyone can give me opinions on any of the above listed tv’s, that would be great or if you have suggestions in that price range, that would be appreciated as well. I have looked at all of the above extensively and I am leaning towards the SONY KDS55A3000 if I can find one in December. If not, then the my second choice SONY KDL-52W3000 if Sony puts this on sale in December. Please help.


I will post this on the LCD/Plasma section as well.
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