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Default Quite a few great online companies

"Indeed, it is quite remarkable that a small U.S. company (parent company BBK electronics is Chinese) can so consistently produce superior products at better prices than the big boys."

Indeed, they are one of a small handful of companies that give extraordinary value and performance for the money spent. But there are others. Emotiva makes incredible amplifiers that are both great looking and perform as well as anything many times the price. They also just released new speakers that perform excellently and they are at a bargain price. I presume that when they release their new surround pre-amp, it too will be top drawer and at a great price. makes many beautiful and excellent speakers and subwoofers, with some amazing new speakers and subwoofers to be released in the not too distant future. The woodwork on almost every speaker and subwoofer is extraordinary, as is most of their performances.

Axiom is also a great company with excellent speakers, subwoofers, and electronics. Some of their top drawer items are quite expensive, but in comparison to many companies they are an extreme bargain.

Radiient makes great HDMI switchers and I always look forward to any new product they offer.

I could go on as I omitted any number of companies that give great value for the price.

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