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Default Re: Which HDMI switchers would you recommend?

I most strongly recommend the Radiient Select-4 Four-Input HDMI Switch/Repeater. I purchased and installed a Radiient last June, after encountering problems with compatibility with less expensive switches. I wondered if I was spending too much as I bought it, but I was frustrated.

Upon installation, all lingering HDMI problems were solved, instantly. A great investment!

I use the Radient with a Tivo Series 3 HD, a Toshiba A-2 HD DVD, a Panasonic Blu-Ray BD-DMP10A, and an AppleTV. All flawlessly send signal through an HDMI/DVI dual headed cable to my Sony KV 32HS500 HD CRT set (probably close to the last of the quality 4:3 sets with 16:9 1080i capability -- I am resisting getting a 42"+ plasma or LCD which could give me old 4:3 movies in the viewing size I like!). All devices have worked perfectly through the Radiient, unlike earlier with the bargain switch.

I'm sure the market has by now presented other HDMI switches of the Radiient quality level, but in spring 2007 it sounded like the best available, and I would still recommend it highly to anyone else encountering switching and compatibility problems.

Don Schwab
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