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Default Re: New high-end Denon processors

Originally Posted by Z Man View Post
First the Denon is a fully balanced dual differential preamp with 4 DAC's per channel, it's highly unlikely that the Integra is a fully balanced design. Also the Denon will will accept streamed music via Ethernet and Wi-Fi, the Integra doesn't. The Denon has HQV Realta video processing, and HDCD decoding. The Denon offers A/D conversion on its EXT IN., and offers much more connectivity options, like 6 HDMI ins, 12 balanced XLR pre-outs, and 3 balanced XLR subwoofer pre-outs.

I am really looking forward to when you get your Denon AVP and put it through its paces.

Actually, the differences on paper are pretty minor, the Integra uses the Reon chip for video, but has 6:2 HDMI switching and I think it can use HDMI for two independent zones (at least they were saying that at CEDIA) it also has 12 channels balanced and single ended, not sure if it is fully balanced throughout or not.

The other HUGE similarity is they both look like receivers, which I am not really fond of. Seeing how I run separates, I don''t really like the idea of a receiver in my rack, but that is personal taste, YMMV.
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