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Default Re: New high-end Denon processors

Originally Posted by MikeSp View Post
In searching for a high-end processor, the Denon looks great in regard to its capabilities and specs. User comments have been very positive -- and some magazine reviews (for what they are worth) will be welcome.

I am wondering if anyone has compared the Denon pre/pro with the pre/pro in the new Pioneer Elite SC-09TX receiver -- while I have zero interest in its amps, the pre/pro (which is wired separately from the amps) seems to also be very capable.

The SC-09TX is due out in a few days -- it will be interesting to get some comparisons from users.

An observation -- Denon could have left off a bunch of legacy connections -- doubt if there is a need for a dozen S-video connections, for eg.

Yes it will be very interesting to see how the new Pioneer does compared to the Denon. Soon people will actually have the Pioneer unit and will get to share their thoughts.

And now that the Denon AVP is finally available on a wider scale, I'm sure we will start to see some pro reviews in various magazines.

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