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Default Re: Prediction: Al Gore is the Dem's candidate for 2008


I'm glad you agreed with me on my earlier post. The debate between Clinton and Obama is perhaps painful to watch, but consider this: Usually, the candidate is selected before everyone votes - does that seem fair to those who have not yet voted?

The time between the primary elections and the general election is important because:
(1) it provides the people of this country an opportunity to review the demeanor and record of the candidates before making a final selection, and (2) it gives candidates with enough money and influence a chance to communicate what they think is important to the people they claim to represent, as well why they believe they are the best person for the job.

I'm not sure this vetting process is too long or not long enough, given the ebb and flow of the process sometimes take more time than we allow, and given results of the process in the last two elections. I believe that the muck-raking the parties backing each candidate are engaging in is a waste of the most valuable resource - time. The protracted battle is also financially costly, which ties into what I will say below.

I am also certain that the best people for the job never can obtain it, because of the money and power connections required to pursue it. Intellect, integrity and the ability to overcome really tough obstacles must be combined with a sense of humility and servitude - I just don't know where you can find that on either side of the fence today...
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