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Thumbs up Thank you to my staff!!!!

I must share with you the EPIC level of work my staff put into this project. 8 months and 100's of hours.

Andrew's help with the graphic design was an incredible start.

Adrienne's new quick reviews has added depth to the site never before seen on the network (check the HDTV section as we have more flat HDTV reviews than ever) and will have a FULL compliment of Media Center PCs next month and Remotes after that. Expect 100's of additional reviews for your subscription dollar (AKA: free - the way we have always beaten the print mags and ALWAYS WILL). Also check Ken Taraszka's furniture quick reviews which are going live soon. We have never had them before nor did we have space.

Bryan's work on the database has been ongoing. We will have an ALL NEW system live in a matter of weeks that will be more "gentle" on the ISPs and way way way beyond CAN SPAM Act compliant.

But the unsung hero of this project is Scott Selter. This man has worked his ASS OFF. 10 hours per day. Weekends. Project management. Everything. Scott single handedly put EVERY one of our 8500 archival pages in its place and into the new database. He manages the CSS and CMS ALL while running the content of and Scott is a stud an everyone should know about his work.

EVERYONE on my staff contributed to this project and I want to thank them all. There are bugs still in the works but the launch went more smoothly than we all expected. We will be fine tuning things for months to come but count on this - is now better and will continue to get better month in and month out. Print is dead. "Free is the new media" as my father says.



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