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Default Re: gets a face lift

Site Looks good.

A few nits on the layout of the equipment reviews section.

(1) There is a blue title bar that contains the text "Title:" and no content. The actual title text appears several lines above this bar (above the search utility and the "What's in this section" area). I believe the bar should be moved to the top, and the text "Title:" replaced with the text of the section name. Alternatively, the bar can be left in its current location to divide the items at the top from the reviews, but if this is done, remove the text within the bar.

(2) The body text of each review begins with the lone word "Introduction" and a space, followed by the actual text of the review. It appears to me that the first word is part of a tag that is incorrectly served.

Originally Posted by Robinson_A View Post

Please be sure to stop by the site that started it all, and check out the new look and user interface. Please feel free to comment about the new look here.

Also, please join me in saying thank you to Scott, our internet guru at the office, and everyone at for their countless hours of hard work and effort in making today's launch a good one. I can tell you that today's launch was an undertaking of epic proportions as Scott and Bryan basically retooled over a decade's worth of content to make the new site more user friendly. While there may be a few bugs here and there I couldn't be happier with the new site and know that as the weeks progress it will only get better. Be sure to take note of's new quick review format. We will continue to bring you feature reviews each and every month but in order to meet everyone's needs we'll be expanding our review format to include quick reviews. Think about quick reviews as the Reader's Digest version of a feature review. So, please enjoy and tell us what you think.
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