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Default Re: Prediction: Al Gore is the Dem's candidate for 2008

Originally Posted by kloneman View Post
I agree it is amazing.

Regarding your observation of the costs - We could start paying for this fix by taking back some of that money that oil companies and the top 1% have been siphoning off, and stop pouring it down that sinkhole in IRAQ. Five of those oil companies made a staggering 110 BILLION last year. Exxon made a record $40 Billion in profits this year alone.
Can you imagine the HT we could put together with that kind of money? lol

Seriously there are 3 simple words to describe the abyss where the money disappears,
industrial, military complex. This is exactly what Ike predicted during his tenure in office.
I doubt he ever really knew the extent of his prediction.

None of this aggressive government spending is new,

The classic case is the USSR when as far back as the late 40s and early 50s when the OSS was evolving into the CIA. The USA knew from espionage and defections Russia was a paper tiger with no real war machine, they were broke and broken from WWll. Even when they had nuclear missiles and nuclear submarines they still had no spare parts, their subs were poorly built and there wasn't enough food to feed their population. Why do you think they backed down during the Cuban missile crisis. Look how they performed in Afghanistan. The US knew but why tell the public if you can funnel trillions into a scheme that could provide such unimaginable riches to such a few elite individuals?

Bottom line, same channel same program different time, nothing changes because history repeats itself!

Now go out there and start putting together that 10 million $$ HT system and join the big boys.
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