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Default Kloneman's right on

In my humble opinion, their platform should include:

(1) bringing our kids home from fighting an oil patch war on the behalf of people (including oil interests) that have no real interest in Democracy;


Don't forget to get the oil pumping before we leave in mass numbers. That was why we are there and why 4,000 of our own had to die. With a reported 50 day oil reserve in this country - we need the oil out of that hell hole flowing until Al Gore can detox us from our dependancy.

(2) Fix our broken economy by removing the incentives to offshore or otherwise not pay people what they're worth when they work, removing the ability to sponsor fiscally unsound finance and lending practices, restoring realistic versus absurdly inflated assessments of property values, that amount to a pyramid scheme. This includes the replacement of sound methods of funding retirement with the purchase of high-risk investments.

Under Bill Clinton we had WAY less top line tax revenue (1.3 trillion reported) but a budget surplus for the first time since LBJ and the longest BOOM economy in US History. He is best Republican ever to call himself a Democrat.

Somehow "W" has taken 2.7 trillion a year in top line revenue (reported) and gotten us deeper and deeper into debt, started a war we can't seem to win and run the econom into the ground including ruining the one mighty dollar.

(3) Repair our broken education system so that - replacing the travesty of "No Child Left behind" with a system, where teacher's time is not uselessly expended teach the test, but is instead used to communicate knowledge, study skills, and fosters critical thinking needed to produce a productive, efficient competitive workforce. Most importantly the revamped system should instill in students that noncompliance to rules will bring swift and painful consequences but compliance will be rewarded and that failure is something to be feared. Higher education should be revamped so that more opportunities are provided for US citizens over foreign nationals who wind up working for our competitors.


As my mother, who works as a 25 year veteran in the Philly public school system says, this program is "No Child Gets Ahead". It should be tossed.

Teachers should make $100,000 a year starting salary but should be held to WAY higher standards. Unions don't like it - BREAK THEM. The country depends on it because China and India are cranking out pH.d's like cheap speakers and HDMI switchers. We are not as good as we though we were as Americans. Boomers are sell outs who took the money and ran leaving the economy and environment in turmoil. Its time to try to fix things in a global economy now. Its going to be much more difficult. Perhaps making friends not world enemies would be a good start. At that level, putting Bill on a G550 and visiting the world would be a good reason to vote for Hillary.

(4) Repair our reputation and status in the eyes of the world. We are currently viewed as the bully of the world, and the last 8 years have given some very unstable people even more reasons to hate us, and try to hurt us if they can.


See bill comment above

(5) Remove the incentives for HMOs and others to gouge those who have to pay for health services. These business got started by waving the banner of reduced costs, but have instead increased costs and provided obstacles for people seeking treatment.


I am a publisher and CEO of an Internet company and even I get screwed by heathcare at the top PPO level.

Blue Shield WILL NOT pay for Nexium despite the fact that it is the ONLY drug that keeps my over-night acid reflux in check. They have been dicking me, my doctor and my accountant (who is helping me fight back) by forcing me to try ever (and I mean every) other drug on the market resulting in me getting SICK in the process.

I ask a Republican - how is that a "family value" How is that "Good for American children?" How is that good for the "American Economy"
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