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Talking That Minsiter

I happen to be a conservative but I could live with Hilliary as president. Barack is another story. His relationship with that wacko minister Jeremiah Wright, , Louis Farrican, and Libya's Gaddafi is enough for me to question his judgment and veracity about these relationships. The only rock star status I see with Barack is his ability to tap dance around the truth and important policy questions. I mean even Sammy Davis Jr. couldn't dance like this and he was truly talented.


Leave the Candy Man out of this.

Than Minster is a moron but the fact Barack escaped the issue with only a scrape or two shows either a) how slick he is (in the spirit of Slick Willy) or b) how badly the right wing media (think Fox News, Clear Channel etc...) wants him to be the candidate over Hillary.

I think the liberals don't like Hillary because she is doing a 1/2 assed version of Bill's play it down the middle routine and they are looking for somebody WAY more liberal. Personally, I am looking for somebody who can fix the economy and even Rush Limbaugh can say Bill Clinton oversaw the longest boom economy in US history. Hillary would do the same but she is on the rocks.
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