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Default Re: High end pre/pro's. Are they worth it???

I agree that the 861v4 is very nice. I also have been told, by various knowledgeable sources, that there will be an upgrade...going back over a year. I don't doubt they will cook up point is:
1. by saying nothing officially that there is no corporate backup to the various rumors as to what is coming....just laying out a road need for firm dates....would help. Just an official willingness to commit to making units function with the HD future....
2. Meridian's actions...or lack there of, has just about made their 861 units dealer can't sell them now....when the market can get a $1500 to $3000 item that at least provides apparent HD functionity...they don't need HMDI video...but handling the Dolby TrueHD sound would be nice
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