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Default Re: High end pre/pro's. Are they worth it???

I agree with the notion that expensive processors are a rip off...speaking as former owner of Lexicon, Meridian G68....and presently a Meridian 861 v4.25. I find it amazing that Meridian says nothing about their plans for an upgrade path...not to mention implementation....but have time to introduce a $3000 F80 clock radio...a nice one...but still not a benefit for their customer base...but rather a sop to their in partners/investors whose skill set is selling "premium goods"... This is not to say that the 861 doesn't work well but their inaction has made their products needlessly drop in value you really think I will ever seriously spend top dollar for their products again....not the way you can pick up their new $3000 clock radio for about $1200 on the web....this is complete brand mismanagement....
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