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Default Re: High end pre/pro's. Are they worth it???

Originally Posted by kennyt View Post

I'd have tolerated only six! For a while my DV-50s was connected by the 5.1 analog (6) a coaxial digital cable (7) balanced analog stereo outs (9) and DVI (10). Prior to the upgrade to 's' status, i was suing component video (12)!!!

I too am happy with the new ease of connection, though I personally don't like the connector of the HDMI. It is far to fragile and can come loose. I wish they kept something like the DVI-D connector that screwed down and was more durable but....
I've said this before: the use of a copper interconnect for HDMI was stupid, especially for medium-to-long runs of multiple channels of high rate digital data. This should have been done with an optical connection. I wonder how well the currently selected interconnect technology will function as it ages, and as more demand is placed upon it, by reducing the compression on all audio and video channels. The connector itself looks like it was designed to fail mechanically too.
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