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Default Re: Why HD DVD and Blu-ray Need You To Be an Early Adopter Now

Richard and Tristan,

While I can sympathize with your feelings, I too must feel you are cheating yourselves, I have had HD DVD and Blu-ray players for over a year now, and have gotten so much enjoyment out of them. My wife can even compare and contrast the two for Pete's sake (who ever Pete is) So while you sit on your ideals, the FINEST HD VIDEO you can ever see on your TV is idly passing you by.

I fully agree with Jerry on this one, in fact I have gotten many of my friends into these formats as well and they all are extremely happy to have them. They love to tell me about their other friends coming over and their jaws dropping when they put on these discs.

I guess I just think you are missing out on a great thing and already have ben for over a year now. Keep your ideals, I'll keep my HD DVD and Blu-ray players.

Oh, BTW, I do have two "Universal players", one dedicated CD/DVD-A player and one dedicate CD/SACD player too. Am I bitter about this format war??? NO. In fact I keep all these players for various sonic reasons and as long as my pre/pro will handle them, they too will be here for a while.

TheBat, Netflix rents BOTH HD DVD and Blu-ray discs, so I wouldn't hold out for a local video store, their inventory is usually to low to be useful anyway.
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