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Default Re: Prediction: Al Gore is the Dem's candidate for 2008

The best thing that could come out of this is the unseating of the idiots who've been screwing this country for the past 8 years.

The next best thing would be a a call to revamp the system by which candidates are selected to run, since the outputs of the system as it currently is practiced represent the interests of their respective parties (i.e. select someone who is most "electable") rather than the best interests of the country (select someone who will do things that may not be popular with everyone, but are inarguably needed).

In my humble opinion, their platform should include:

(1) bringing our kids home from fighting an oil patch war on the behalf of people (including oil interests) that have no real interest in Democracy;

(2) Fix our broken economy by removing the incentives to offshore or otherwise not pay people what they're worth when they work, removing the ability to sponsor fiscally unsound finance and lending practices, restoring realistic versus absurdly inflated assessments of property values, that amount to a pyramid scheme. This includes the replacement of sound methods of funding retirement with the purchase of high-risk investments.

(3) Repair our broken education system so that - replacing the travesty of "No Child Left behind" with a system, where teacher's time is not uselessly expended teach the test, but is instead used to communicate knowledge, study skills, and fosters critical thinking needed to produce a productive, efficient competitive workforce. Most importantly the revamped system should instill in students that noncompliance to rules will bring swift and painful consequences but compliance will be rewarded and that failure is something to be feared. Higher education should be revamped so that more opportunities are provided for US citizens over foreign nationals who wind up working for our competitors.

(4) Repair our reputation and status in the eyes of the world. We are currently viewed as the bully of the world, and the last 8 years have given some very unstable people even more reasons to hate us, and try to hurt us if they can.

(5) Remove the incentives for HMOs and others to gouge those who have to pay for health services. These business got started by waving the banner of reduced costs, but have instead increased costs and provided obstacles for people seeking treatment.

I could go on, but I'm tired.
- Kloneman --

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