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I have been using the Marantz DV-7600 for almost 2 years now. It is a wonderful Universal player for audiophiles without spending big bucks. Supports CD, SACD, and, DVD-Audio. Multi-channel, bass management, speaker configuration. Build construction is top notch. Video quality is also top notch. Audio quality is definatly high-end. I believe SACD is kept in native DSD until DAC conversion (no DSD-to-PCM conversions).

What's missing? It supports up to 1080 video format but does not do video upconversion of DVDs. Also my unit supports HDMI but not the newer HDMI 1.3 (with digital audio carried out on HDMI cable for conversion by the preamp). Switching between digital out (for audio) and analog out takes several button clicks to navigate the onscreen menus (could have been made a little easier).

I would summarize the Marantz as one of the best values for Universal players in terms of quality prior to the advent of the Blu-ray HD-DVD formats.
The Oppo universal players may be a little cheaper but they don't do audio like the Marantz and not even close in build quality.
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