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Default Re: Prediction: Al Gore is the Dem's candidate for 2008

I appreciate your enthusiasm but Al Gore has lost too much of his political base and more importantly time wise it's too late for him to enter the race! The democrats appear to be dangerously close to losing the white house again. It should have been a no brainer but the Dem's appear to be in trouble.

I happen to be a conservative but I could live with Hilliary as president. Barack is another story. His relationship with that wacko minister Jeremiah Wright, , Louis Farrican, and Libya's Gaddafi is enough for me to question his judgment and veracity about these relationships. The only rock star status I see with Barack is his ability to tap dance around the truth and important policy questions. I mean even Sammy Davis Jr. couldn't dance like this and he was truly talented.

Only time will tell who is right!
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