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Default Prediction: Al Gore is the Dem's candidate for 2008

Along with Bob Rapoport (an industry consultant) we have both been saying this Hillary-Barack beating has been senseless and that something good is going to come of it.

Now it is starting to look like Al Gore could be the phoenix rising from the ashes of aNOTHER Democratic screw up (that's Ted - and YES we remember what you did to Jimmy Carter even if we were only 8 years old).

Barack's rock star enthusiasm is VERY valuable. Hillary's ability to fight off Karl Rove when he will be playing to keep Cheney and his croneys out of jail is what should have made her the nominee but NEITHER have been able to pul away. Maybe its just karma saying that Al Gore, who was right on a number of issues like the War and the environment, might get his rightful place as winner of the 2000 election (yes, I am saying FLA was stolen from him by Katherine Harris and the Supreme Court).

Gore has to play it cool. He must make a MINT being on the board at Apple (talk about different than Haliburton, but not really) so getting into this mess again would have to be worth it. And this year with John McCain war hawking and Bush overseeing the ruin of the dollar and one hell of a weak economy - the stage is set.

You heard it here first....
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