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Default Re: Suggestion for New Home Theater system

Originally Posted by srionline24 View Post

I live in a house. The hall where the system would be placed would be of rectangular shape, with area of approx 500 sq ft.

500 sq' is like a 20'x25' room, this is one big space to limit yourself to a $2000.00 system!

I guess you'll have to start off with a decent set of speakers, a nice 5 or 7.1 receiver and a modestly priced DVD player (you choose the format) and build on from there. You'll get much more bang for the buck if your comfortable buying good used equipment. Unfortunately there are a myriad of receivers and speakers to audition so you might as well take the time or rely on some of our forum members who are far more knowledgeable to make suggestions. The bottom line is don't wind up with buyer's remorse!
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