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Interesting issue this price vs. performance. Andrew, I love the SL55 and 65AMG Benz. That is my dream car. Jerry knows this. Which AMG do you have? At 604HP, who needs a Ferrari Kenny T.
I have never really been into Ferrari. If I had to go another route, it would definitely be a Lambo Gallardo. Much sleeker and hotter looking, a real exotic. But, Audi with the new R8, look out!
Kenny t, I had the opportunity to hear the Wison Watt Puppy 8`s, at HE2007 show a few weeks ago at the Grand Hyatt Regency Hotel. Now I grant you that show conditions are not the best way to hear equipment, but, they sounded good. Enough to want to hear them under better real world conditions. I`ve always admired their build, craftmanship and attention to detail.
While Jerry is right, that their must be an upgrade path, $28,000 is a lot, in my opinion. And with this, I believe as you go higher, you reach a point of diminishing returns for the amount of your investmment. I heard the Paradigms with Anthem electronics a year ago, full surround set - up, and they sounded great.
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