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Default Re: Favorite classic audio gear?

Originally Posted by JerryDelColliano View Post
I blew the hell out of a pair of Dalhquist DQ10's when I was 16. I bought them used at Sasafras in Montgomery, PA. I stopped off at Community Audio in my neighborhood and borrowed a B&K ST150 amp and ran right home. I popped in "Welcome to the Machine" but I wasn't really welcomed as the speakers blew to bits.

Being a 16 year old audiophile was tough but I got some cool points for owning neat speakers despite my need for volume/bass that they couldn't produce.
Hi Jerry,

Talking about Dalhquist DQ10's, back in 1984 I had a stacked pair of these speakers powered by a Mark Levinson preamp and a big threshhold amp, they sounded great. My wife thought they were ugly so I had to dump them 3 months later.

It's interesting you blew the speakers because if I remember they required lots of power.
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