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Default Re: New high-end Denon processors

Originally Posted by pfslai View Post
When you think about it's actually not that expensive. However, it will be interesting to see when Anthem and Krell (S-1000) upgrade their processors to HDMI 1.3 how these will compare to the Denon. Krell has better pedigree but it just seem that the Denon is just a beast of a processor.
You're right, for everything that the Denon does, and it being a fully balanced design, $7,000 in the world of high end audio is a bargain. It's interesting, but I'm seeing many current Krell, Anthem, Lexicon, Meridian, Halcro, and Theta owners, ditching their processors and going with this new Denon. That says something as these people settle for nothing but the best for their HT's.

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