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Thumbs up Restored Faith in music (somewhat) Music Editor, Charles Andrews and I went deep into the ghetto 2 sunday nights ago to scout a blues band for an ULTRA-high res record label I am considering starting. The club was called the PLEASURE PALACE on Manchester in Inglewood (not all that far from the old Forum) and NO - there were no people taking off their clothes.

While the band wasn't exactly what I was looking for - I must say I was thrilled to see the turnout from the locals. On a SUNDAY NIGHT - people came out to hear their favorite soul and blues songs stylized by lead singer "Duffy" who dressed flamboyantly (complete with Dolce and Gabbna glasses in the dark and a bright red "dew rag").

The bar menu was pretty curious there. Beer and wine. The wine was both red and white - not a list and GET THIS - was served on ICE. The locals LOVED it - ordering pitchers and caraffes full of it.

My favorite part of the night was the people watching. At the middle of the bar was this skinny older (late 40's perhaps) Jimi Hendrix looking pimp character wearing leather. He would walk up to the band at nearly every song and stand in front of the band as they played - reaching into his wallet and stuffing the tip jar with a bill (a dollar most likely). He made this trek with each song - rarely missing one. Others would follow. Sometimes if he really liked the song, he would make his way up there faster. Other times he took his good old time. I only went up there once but I made sure what I dropped into the jar got the bands attention as they were pouring out their hearts.

Overall, we had a fun night out in the hood on a Sunday night. Best of all was to see people willing to leave their sofas and go out to support live music like this.
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