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Default Re: Plasma Display Coalition claims Plasma not dead.

"I recently picked up a Pioneer PDP-5010FD Kuro 50" 1080p and I have to say, the only thing that would make me happier is if I had picked up the 60''. The picture quality is amazing. I picked up the Planet Earth Blurays and they showcase the tv quite well.

Sadly I found this website too late. If I knew I could get those kind of deals mentioned, I would have gone with the 60 for sure. I paid $4000 Canadian for the floor model, retail was $4500."

At least be happy that you get to enjoy the best 50" plasma or any other HDTV (with the possible exception of the Pioneer Elite model). I was able to get the 60" Pioneer PDP-6010FD for a little over $4,000 and couldn't be happier.

Don't feel too bad about the price you paid, because you will be enjoying the Pioneer PDP-5010FD Kuro for many years. Blu Ray and HD look fantastic on any of the Kuro sets and they also do an excellent job of de-interlacing and scaling to improve even SD channels. Of course you can always buy the OPPO DVI-983HD @ $399 for all your SD and universal disc viewing and cd playing. It is an incredible machine and I love the performance on my Sony 40" bedroom XBR2 LCD. It might also improve the Pioneers in SD broadcasts and discs as it has the latest chipset solutions from ABT for de-interlacing and scaling.


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