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Default Re: Would you buy Home Theater gear on EBay?

Originally Posted by kennyt View Post
Well, Moose, a good dealer is worth every extra penny as support when you need it is paramount.

Now to address your quote...

Odds are it would cost less than $1K to fix any sub if it went bad, much of the production cost is cabinet and R&D, so materials are relatively cheap.

If it was broken in transport, then it should cost you nothing as you SHOULD insure it when you buy it......

I have bought much audio gear used and never had a problem, other than ones I caused and had to resolve. When I shipped properly (and for used gear sometimes this means paying for a mailboxes place to pack and ship, which is not cheap, but they will guarantee it gets there safe and sound) I've always had a successful deal.

I gotta say a $2700 fathom for $1650 is very tempting!!
Since he has an excellent rating & with insurance on shipping I may have to rethink this!
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