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Default Re: Why HD DVD and Blu-ray Need You To Be an Early Adopter Now

In response to richardl's post:

I disagree almost completely. I do believe in the wait and see, although I also agree with the point in Jerry's article that you can wait too long, but for me, when money is tight I can't afford to take a leap of faith.

SACD and DVD-A failed because both required consumers to upgrade their receivers/pre-processors to one that had inputs for each of the channels as well as buy cables for each of the channels. Basically, they made it too complicated and required a new infrastructure that a lot of people didn't have already. They also didn't do many new titles with either format. Almost everything was a 'classic'.

HD-DVD and Blu-Ray are being driven by the hardware that is already out there; all of the HD sets that are flying off the shelves. People want HD content to see on all of those displays. To go with either HD-DVD or Blu-Ray all you need in addition to the set is the player and an HDMI cable. That doesn't address what's needed to take full advantage of the audio capabilities of either format, but I don't think the audion capabilities are going to play a major role in which format wins or loses. I doubt the average consumer cares about audio and I wonder if the early adopter even lets it be a deciding factor in his/her decision.

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