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Have you balanced your speakers ? This is generally the biggest culprit is problems with voice clarity. I would recommend using an SPL meter rather than adjusting by ear.
I don't see any reason that you couldn't run your TV sound through your reciever. I have my TV sound turned off all togeather and the digital audio out from my cabel box run to my pre/pro. It works great , and it does give you real 5.1 whenever the cable company sees fit to broadcast it.
I haven't been able to pull up the manual for your TV, but consult your copy. I should
think it would have instructions for hooking the TV up to an audio system.It should be a simple mater of going to the audio setup screen on the TV, setting the speakers to OFF and the audio output to FIXED ( so the AVR can control the volume ) and connecting the audio outs on the TV to an unused set of audio inputs on the AVR.
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