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Over the last year I've been getting more and more into audio/visual, to the point where I wanted to find a good forum site and it looks like I've stumbled upon it.
Right now Im just looking to tweak what I've got, Ill post some picutes and list what I've got, then hopefully you guys can give some insight.

Ok, so heres the setup.
Pioneer 50" PDP-5010FD Plasma
Harman Kardon AVR 247
4 Polk Audio towers and 1 center
1 Polk Sub
XBox 360
Sony PS3

The Polks are the lower end ones, nothing fancy but nice for a beginer. My main problem I have is trouble hearing voices when watch a movie. It seems the music and sound effects overpower anyone talking. From what I understand its the center speaker that takes care of this. Im stuck at work, but when I get home Im going to try to tweak the reciever to get better voice quality/clairity. If that doesnt work, should I be looking into getting a new center?

Also, I have a sub, but it is hooked up incorrectly. With my setup, is this the proper way I should be hooking it up?

And one last question for now. Right now Im running just your average 50+/- channel basic cable. Can I wire my tv to the Harman Kardon to get audio? I know it wont be true 5.1, but it seems like a waste not getting any use on the surrond for tv.

I was reading around on here last night and realize these are some very amateur questions, but I am just starting out and would appreciate any help.

Thanks in advance.

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