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Default Re: Convergence Headaches Scare Away AV Installers

While I messed with the beta release of Vista and found it worked nicely and was very stable on my pc. I honestly do not care to have a home theater pc in my home theater. I do not trust MS software especially not media player! It is one of the buggiest players I have ever come across and to my knowledge I do not think you can rip HDM to your HD yet. While it would be nice to playback SD-DVD's to other systems through out the house. Streaming to my knowledge chews up bandwidth on your network so I would not personally want to stream content across my network. I prefer to use gear built for home theater applications and not a actual pc. I also could not stand to hear a pc fan during quite passages in a movie. I feel there are to many things to list and am just not interested. Does that mean there is no place for a pc in home theater set ups? No, depending on your needs a PC can be quite flexible. Can we expect to see more PC's integrated into home theater set up's? It's unavoidable IMHO.

But at this time I feel that PC's do not offer enough of a audiophile type experience and have a ways to go to accomplish that.
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