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Default Old Kloss video beam

I just remembered back in 1983 I bought a KLoss NovaBeam Model One-A front projector. The thing was a monster with 3 big R-G-B lenses. The screen was a curved 6.5 foot size. and I had to align the system every other day. When the system played correctly it was a damn good TV and because people were afraid to buy one I paid $2500.00 which was A lot of $$ in those days. I used it for 6 years and then sold it to a neighbor for one of his nursing homes.

Henry Kloss, had started a new company Kloss Video, and introduced the Novabeam Model One. It used similar tube design and a modified Magnavox TV chassis in a smaller cabinet that could serve as something of a coffee table instead of looking like a giant norelco shaver in the middle of the room. The picture could be stunning when adjusted properly.
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