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Default Re: Convergence Headaches Scare Away AV Installers

When Media Center can handle just about any format you throw at it, and you can easily rip every movie you own and have Media Center pull it up you might see people jumping on board. Have it stream every format to another small box in each room of your house easily and people will flock to it. I'm a semi-computer geek and just got a Vista Media Center pc this past weekend to go with my xBox 360. I've been messing with it ever since and while it is promising it's definitely not out of the box complete. I've had to do all sorts of registry hacks and install third party codecs and programs it's crazy. It's still not perfect as the dvd's I've ripped and changed the filename from .vob to .mpg have a little *blip* sound when it's changing chapters or where it merged the .vob file or whatever. If every installation is as time-consuming as mine then it'll never take off.

I bought a bunch of songs from itunes but obviously those don't play on Windows Media Center. So I had to install a program to strip the drm from those songs....

But once Microsoft gets it right it'll be money. Having every dvd/blu-ray you own at the press of a button, along with all your music and pictures and tv shows all on the same interface is very nice. Then being able to stream that throughout your house is golden.
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