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Default Sales of BD releases more than double almost instantly!

New data has been issued that provides a clearer picture to recent Blu-ray boost:

Title Release Date % BD
Pirates: At World's End 12/04/07 3.7
Simpsons Movie 12/18/07 2.8
Michael Clayton 02/19/08 5.5
30 Days of Night 02/26/08 8.9
No Country for Old Men 03/11/08 9.8
Hitman 03/11/08 12.6

As you can see, blockbuster day-and-date films released prior to the end of the format war were consistently selling between 1-5% of total sales on the Blu-ray format. But since the end, such titles have been selling between 10-15% on Blu-ray, a huge boost for the Blu-ray format that must now compete with DVD for home media domination.
Now that only one high definition format exists, and there is no longer consumer confusion, Blu-ray is thriving and making its play to become the leading home media format.

Steve Feldstein, Fox Senior VP Marketing and Corporate Communications commented, "Consumers in the high-def marketplace are now purchasing with confidence. The confusion in the marketplace that you saw when there were two formats continues to work itself out, and once education campaigns begin and the retail presence (of Blu-ray) expands, we should start to see the numbers soar even higher."
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