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Default Re: Why HD DVD and Blu-ray Need You To Be an Early Adopter Now

Reasons, NOT to buy now.
Jerry, you stated some concerns in you article. The strongest reasons are; I might layout money on hardware that will eventually become a huge paper weight, the same with software, if I buy software that looses support to the other format I'll have a pile of worthless software. The biggest reason is; consumers need to send the industry the message that they don't seem to get "Stop screwing us over with your industry infighting". Why should I gamble my dollars on which format will become the eventual standard. It costs plenty enough to enjoy this entertainment (and lets keep perspective here that's what it is). Purchasing a big screen, reciever (or preamp and amps) and 5 to 7 speakers along with any needed stands, interconnects along with the monthly fees of cable or satelite and purchase or rental of software titles. I'll save my money for a better bet, untill I'm in an income bracket where $1000 (hardware and software) is throw away money for me.
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