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Default Re: Kal's Home Theater & Bar! (Lots 'o pics)

Originally Posted by kal View Post
While the Acurus stuff has served me well, I'm looking at upgrading the electronics and will likely be replacing it with an Anthem Statement D2 as the preamp/processor (with the excellent Gennum VXP processsor), along with their P2 and P5 amps to go 7.1 (a couple of extra Paradigm Signature ADP's needed then...). It never ends.
You will love theD2,it's agreat unit and now that it comes with Anthem's own room correction, it is one of the best deals in high end audio as well, I have had the new model w/ARC for a few weeks and am writing up the review now, it's exceptional! Their Amps are really good too, they might be a little more laid back than the Acurus, which is a good thing!

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