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Default Re: This top 100 band list is BOGUS - RUSH lower than STP?

Frankly I find this list insulting. U.S. sales should count against you, the American public are like sheep and blindly follow any silly fad. The biggest of which is pop music. I feel if it is a radio staple it needs promotional help and can't sell on it's own merit. Someone mentioned Yardbirds and John Mayall both of which are excellent examples of the lists shortcomings. We are also missing Elmore James, Robert Johnson, Muddy Waters, Jerry Lee Lewis and Johnny Winter, just to mention a few more. Now lets criticize from the top down. The Beatles, little kid music. Van Halen, Queen ,The Eagles ,Metallica ,U2, The Police, range from pure s@!t to pop. The Doors, movie was better than the band. I will skip a few of these bands that wallow in mediocrity and that brings me to the Stones, what the f#@k is this about. #1 based on longetivity alone. Bee Gees, man, that just brings tears to my eyes. Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young and Buffalo Springfield, face it, these guys are nothing without Neil. Zappa and Joplin behind the likes of Duran Duran and Journey, that is obscene. Jethro Tull should be in the top five(Innovative,master song writers,hardest working band there is,10 months a year on the road year in and year out, 40th anniversary coming up)and you guys have a Martin Barre guitar licks thief (Dire Straits) ranked ahead of Tull. if Tull had as little class as Metallica, Mark Knopler would have been sued years ago. I will end it there,but I could keep going, where is Robin Trower and Savoy Brown? Both are still gigging and recording.
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